Mr. Littenburg accompanied by Drs Fulmer and D’Angelo

Have you noticed any changes in yourself since you started Vision Therapy? If so, what have you noticed?

“Well I lost about three pounds, an inch off my waist and my respiratory stamina is quite a bit improved. Also my systolic blood pressure us down about 5 points. However this is probably due to other changes in my life since I started Vision Therapy. My vision is much improved, I no longer see oncoming headlights double at night and my eyes don’t get as tired at the end of the day. I no longer find myself closing one eye while working on the computer or reading. However this is at least partly due to getting a prismatic correction to my glasses, something the Twin Forks optometrists prescribed. Since I started out with both vertical and horizontal misalignment, and the correction was only in the vertical, some of the improvement must be due to the vision therapy. Other changes include an ability to tell the difference between the feeling of crossing my eyes from relaxing my eyes. Also an enhanced ability to do either on command. This comes in handy when viewing stereopticons and such devices as well as viewing the 3D figures in Morse and Feshbach’s famous textbook on mathematical physics.”

Would you recommend Vision Therapy?

“Certainly if it was done at Twin Forks where it appears to have worked. Elsewhere, who knows?”