What improvements have you notices in yourself since you started vision therapy?

“Since I started vision therapy my eyes experience less fatigue. I have noticed a significant improvement in my depth perception. It is easier for me to park between cars, drive long distances and drive without experiencing dizziness. I also am more confident walking stairwells in my office building. I no longer hold onto the stair handrails out of fear of falling, especially when going down a flight of stairs. Dr. Fulmer and Dr. Zilnicki were both fantastic at explaining, in simple language, how the therapy process worked and what outcome they hoped would be achieved. I believe we all view the end result as successful!”

Would you recommend vision therapy and why?

“I would recommend vision therapy for any person experiencing difficulty with their vision or eyes. The therapy was challenging and difficult at times, the the assistant was very encouraging and we both tried to make the therapy fun. The outcomes was positive with improved visual skills while driving long distances.”