What improvements have you noticed in your child since starting Vision Therapy?

The biggest improvement is that he is reading more. It’s like a whole world opened up to him. He’s reading signs,  menus, and video games. He is no longer asking me to read these things to him. While reading for school is not one of his favorite activities, he will read when he has to and without a lot of stalling. Another improvement is his handwriting is much neater, especially his class notes that he copies from the board. His teachers have noticed the improvements as well.

Would you recommend Vision Therapy and why?

I would definitely recommend vision therapy for anyone that needs it. While it is a huge commitment, the benefits are definitely worth it. Before vision therapy my son struggled so much in school he was miserable even with extra services. Now after vision therapy we are seeing bigger gains and less struggles. To me, any child that presents with reading and handwriting issues should be screened for vision difficulties.